The Waylander's Reach

Missing Lumberjacks

Cleric's Log, Faerun Date 1494 DR - Tavos Pond Reports

These are the voyages of Tavos Pond. He’s 5 year mission to explore strange new lands, seek out new life and new civilisations, to boldly go where no cleric has gone before!

Tuesday, 27th of June.
Week 2 in the Waylander’s Reach.

Location: Lumberyard
Party: Tavos Pond, Einuf, Umbra, Dr. Death & Gabrielle

In a second attempt to discover the whereabouts of the Lumberjacks, I Tavos the fearless cleric of Ilmater, offered my services to fellow cleric Einuf, even if he is an Half-Orc. Despite my protest that we would be enough, Einuf insisted we wait for help which came in the form of a strange white skinned devil paladin called Gabrielle & two guys that helped against the Screaming Floating Hag things, Umbra the wizard, and that short, stout if not slightly reckless Dr Death!

We headed out early after listening to Einuf’s warnings that ‘the Island is scary at night’ speech, and got back to where he lost the trail of the Lumberjacks. As he described there were clear trails up to the forest edge and then NONE!.

We all were at a loss at what to do, looking up, digging down, and Umbra wandering around waving her hands muttering something about wild magic. So we headed into the forest to look for more signs.

After a while the distinct sound of fighting of wild beasts occurred, we followed the scuffle until we realised the fight was all around us. Dr Death rushed back to the party to warn them, and just in time as a large badly mauled dead dog appeared. Before we knew which way was up, two more large dogs appeared behind us growling. In a controlled voice Gabrielle told one to RUN! Which believe it or not the dog did without complaint!?!? Whilst it’s companion was curled up in what looked to be fits of laughter at Umbras the wizard’s gesturing. There was no time to regroup and take stock though as two horrendous glittering panthers with vicious looking tentacles appeared right on top of us.

Taking several hard blows from the nearest creature and seeing it’s love of glowing, I attempted to make the cat thing glow more IN PAIN. Unfortunately I missed but that gave everyone else time to engage, which Dr Death and the war cleric Einuf did and they did not disappoint, dealing massive damage to these cats with tentacles. Not wanting to be outdone in bravery the running dog charged the cat in the flank and started gnawing away. Meanwhile Umbra had summoned a rope straight up to, to, nothing..and teleported almost all the way to the to. Unfortunately laughing dog no longer saw what was funny and next thing you know was hanging off of Umbras boot!

Things were not looking good. The Paladin had already healed Einuf back to standing after he received a vicious slap from a tentacle, but before he could even see straight again he was down. Dr death was taking a beating and Gabrielle and I were looking worse for wear, so with Ilmater’s godly help, cool light and vigour surrounded all of us closing wounds and confusing the ‘glitter cats’, one of which who clearly had had enough of Dr Death’s stabs, picked him up in the tentacles and began running. I heard a yelp and when I glanced over the dog that was biting Umbra’s boot is on the ground stalking a now much lower Umbra who finally has her attention on the fight before us.

With a combination of rotting the cat with some god given necromancy, a strange icy glow emanating from Umbra and a final swing from Einuf, one of the beasts were down. Not seeing the other dog, and hearing the paladin in the distance trying desperately to challenge the other cat, me and the half orc charged toward the fleeing cat to try and save that tiny barbarian. I don’t think we were needed though as on the way glowing balls of light flew over our heads and struck the now wading cat hard in the side and a sword from somewhere under the water appeared jutting from the creatures back. The creature sagged and up floated Dr Death looking quite pleased with himself. When we got back to where Umbra was cowering there were no signs of the dogs so we decided to regroup and I prayed to the gods to give us some hope.

Still no closer to finding the lumberjacks, arguments broke loose as we wandered trying to find our way back out of the forest. Umbra wanted to go back but Dr Death wanted to press ahead! And so on and so on. We came across a large round clearing and decided we might take rest. But as poor Gabrielle found out the clearing was full of bear-traps, which was as it stands, hilarious…

Suddenly elven like shouts emanated from the edge of the clearing but Umbra’s replies under raised arms didn’t seem to get through. They seemed to want us to surrender, and with everyone’s arms up I followed suit dropping my trusty mace. Clang the bear trap sprang open and there was relief in the voice of Gabrielle swiftly followed by confusion as arrows thrummed all around us, some striking home hard.

In an instant Dr Death dropped to the ground and crawled towards the treeline, Umbra vanished in a poof and Einuf charged in the other direction towards more shadows. Sudden awareness led me to try and free Gabrielle, who was stuck again…Then a shout from the treeline from the half orc informing us he had found the lumberjacks as he cleaved the head off a dirty elflike creature with a bow.

With targets and purpose, javelins, axes and crossbow bolts flew, swords stabbed and maces flashed and before long there was one left, but despite the elf pleading and Umbras appearance to beg him to stop, Dr Death’s rage was too strong and he decapitated the last wild elf.

In the elven camp the remains of the lumberjacks and not much else was retrieved before a distraught Umbra left a note in her weird elvish script.

We rushed back to town, getting quicker all the way. As we looked around the forest seemed to be ‘awakening’, as Einuf called it, and this didn’t feel good…


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